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Hyleyn is no longer wholly human. Now she is one of them.
The immortal Sinkha are the most advanced life form in the universe. But now something approaches from across the cosmos to challenge their near-infinite powers.
You cannot escape the danger...

The other side of graphic novels

“An incredible mixture between comics and animated film in 3D computer graphics”

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The first episode of the new series: an engaging story told through astonishing high-res images, astounding animation sequences and a captivating original soundtrack.


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Ogon, a forgotten planet at the boundaries of the Contact Zone, comes up again to the scene as an arena for the first bloody encounter between Sinkha and Khahaek, the new and old rulers of the Galaxy.
Involved almost by chance, Hyleyn becomes an unaware key character and victim of the clash. But if you have to do with the immortal Sinkha, there's still a possibility, even when life looks like definitely extinguished.
Now Hyleyn is no longer human, because most of her body is made of the same matter of which Immortals are made. But above all she has been able to conquer their friendship and for this reason she has turned into one of Them.
It seems the beginning of a heavenly existence to her, but it will not be that way long because the Khahaek always lie in wait.
Far from Ogon, the Shadoowm Emperor, gone blind by his own thirst for power, challenges involuntarily the Khahaek and seriously endangers his planet that becomes a bait to trap the Sinkha. While Hyleyn tries to integrate herself in the new role as a semi-immortal being, we can see developing around her a tactical game based upon the most dangerous of the weapons: the virtual reality. On this chessboard different pawns will move and the Sinkha power will have a temporary upper hand. But in the final confrontation it will be Hyleyn, by herself, with her shrewdness, to make the winning move.
A momentary victory anyway, because now there will be no more peace in the Contact Zone.